Business Insider published an article on Feb 25th 2020, explaining the 5 hour rule of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and other top billionaire including Elon Musk. The article explains how these billionaires spend at least 1 hour per day i.e. 5 hours a week over a large time in their career in reading books and investing in learning. 

They spent significant amount of their time in reading and manage it even in their busiest schedule. So if they can, so can we.

Here is a list of best Books you should read that will change your life before you turn 25

1 Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Over a period of time Marriage become so saturated and stagnant, that the spark partners have at the start of any relationship vanishes in dark. John Gray has shared experiences with his wife to help opposite sex understand each other

Because many a times you can’t live with your partner neither can live without them. I personally recommended all males to read the book, it will help you save a lifetime of madness of your wife or girlfriend for your thoughtless words.

2 How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Warren Buffet praised the author of this book, Dale Carnegie, by quoting “Dale Changed my Life.” Over 16 million copies sold worldwide this books is a lifelong guide for one who truly understand it.

People are emotions and to deal with them with practical solutions is what explained in the book. Author has divided the books in 4 chapter focusing on four basic problems we face with while dealing with people.

The book is must for introverts and an added advantage to the extroverts. I guess this says it all about the book.

3 Rich Dad Poor Dad.

The title and content of the book truly matches. Being Poor or Rich is all the game of mind set. Rich trains their children for riches, while Poor trains their children to be poorer. This may sound odd to you right now, it won’t after you read the book.

How the author, Robert Kiyosaki is influenced by both Rich Dad and Poor Dad is explained beautifully in the book. In the end, the author lays choice to the reader to try out his suggested methods and decide yourself which one we want to be

4 Think and Grow Rich.

This is probably the best self-help book ever written. Author Napoleon Hill has explained secret to success which is so simple yet many fail to discover it. Explaining the power of Thought, author lays a path way for richness and explains real life examples how many achieved it through the same way.

The book is best seller for over 70 years helping find success in any walk of life. This makes it a must read.

5 The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck.

It’s not just another self-help book. Mark Manson framed the book in such a way to make the reader face reality and suggested ways which can actually solve problems. Right from our basic beliefs to our emotions, everything is explained in a counterintuitive way in the simplest way possible

Author has added up the spice of humour which make reading the book really enjoying. The book also have a follow up series named Everything is F*cked.

Way Forward: Read these books from time to time whenever you face tough times. Lesson from the authors will surely help you evolve in life.

This article is based on the above author’s works. As a blogger, I support their views, take good notes from their advice and take no credit of their original work.

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