Profoundly famous blogger Mark Manson, when published his first book titled, “Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” broke not only the internet but also the cycle of self-help books explaining only philosophy instead of actual working methods. The book is sold a million copies becoming Best seller validating the ideas Mark Manson explained in his book.

In a simplest way possible the author justifies how to be stronger and happier, right way is to handle adversity better and not to be always positive in life.

Let us discuss 5 ground breaking lessons from Mark’s book to make life happier.

1 Be honest with yourself.

Accept yourself as you are. If you are a loser, it’s ok to be a loser. If you suck at some things it’s OK to suck. Every one of us fail in somethings and are good in some. Accepting what you are with honesty will liberate you from the way world sees you.

Once you have accepted it, you will now try to be a better version of your present and that’s what true growth is.

2 Be negative to be positive.

Mark Said, “The Desire to be more positive all the time is itself a negative experience.” Instead if you accept your negative thoughts chances are you will actually turn more positive.

It’s more like wishing for a philosopher’s stone, you won’t have it if you search for it. Pursuing something which you lack only strengthens the fact that you lack it in first place.

3 We have a limited number of F*cks.

To put it in simple terms, the author is stating to set our priorities. If we start affecting ourselves with every little thing, soon we will start to feel entitled to be more comfortable and happy all the times.

Things cannot always be as we expect them to be. The feedback loop from hell where we burn ourselves when we start giving more F*cks is the impact of the new normal in today’s world. So to deal with it only affect yourself with ideas and thoughts with are really worth giving a F*ck.

4 Face reality, don’t live in illusions.

Many self-help books are guide to greatness, which Mark consider is merely an illusion in our minds. When you accept reality you accept suffering. You accept you will suck in some things and failure, loss and regret will be a part of life.

This will help you deal with your problems better and choose better problems to deal with.

5 Superhero: Disappointment Panda

The vivid imagination of Mark is truly extraordinary. He invented the superhero what we need and deserve.

Wearing a cheesy eye mask with T-shirt (with a big Ton it) his superpower is to tell harsh truth to people about themselves which they must hear but didn’t want to accept.

I would love to have such a superhero along with me. Truth accepted helps more to evolve, and you know it.

Way Forward: I have tried my best to put forwards the Author’s words in my perspective. I suggest you read the whole book this month if possible. The book brings a much need “Grab You by the Shoulder and Look You in the Eyes Moment” at numerous instances in the book. Comment your views on the book as well.

The article is totally based on the Book by Mark Manson. As a blogger, I support his work and thank him for his valuable contribution taking no credit of his original work.

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