Remember that Mukesh from the tobacco ad, we all do. You and I both are that Mukesh some point in our life explained below.

Mera naam Mukesh hae. Mujhe mere article pe views and share nai milre and kya karna chahiye ye samjh bhi nai raha isiliye mae ye article padh raha hu. Mae jaldi hi frustate hone wala hu and would be cursing a lot. Please aap log maine jo galti ki wo mat karo and learn jo ye bhaiyya bata rahe hae.

Mukesh, ek views ke liye pareshan Insan

But the fact is, 5-minute has sirf mere pass to get you read my article, or even less, on which I spent 4 hours. F**k, I hate it when you guys leave without reading the whole article. I would have forced you to read my every article multiple times if they let me, but I cant, so this is the only way. Let’s get started before you go away and watch Indian TikTok videos wasting hours in it.

1. Select Your Target Audience.

Know Who You are Writing for

Two things are the ultimate truth, first Driving randomly will never take you to destination and secondly, Trains never gets punctured. Hope you find it funny.

Always select your audience for who you are writing for. Know their likes, dislikes, queries and the solution they are looking for. Your writing should be totally based on your audience and their understanding.

If your goal is to be the best blog in Travel, go and research the best travel destination, the tourist places people love to visit, the industries which are related to your domain like hotels, accommodations, spots worth visiting in the destination, a particular joint or fun ride your readers can experience. Everything surrounding your target audience interests is your concern. Better is your understanding of your target audience better is the view count of your blog.

Use the example to be more precise rather than just writing based on your interest or views. It’s totally meaningless to write if there is no one to read those.

2. Understand How Search Engines Work.

Learn the basics of How Search Engine Works

It’s more important for you to understand this than writing the blog itself. Why? If you ask me this, let’s think why you are reading this article yourself. You are looking for a solution to your problem. People come to search engine to look for solutions and to provide them relevant solutions is the only job of Search Engines.

Every Search Engines be it Google, Bing or any other uses complicated algorithm to display the search results asked by users on their platforms. You don’t have to worry about that. All you have to worry about the basic working of Search Engines & how Search Engines will display your results when users search for similar queries like explained in your blog.

For the time being, let’s consider this, the internet is like zillions of villages or town connected through roads called links. Search engines have a list of all these villages based on specific order and show the relevant results when user search for a specific village(site address).

Want to understand Search Engines better. Read Here and Make Search Engines Work for You

3. Heading & Length of your Article.

Users have Low attention span. Use your seconds wisely

8 Seconds. That’s it. This is the average attention span of your readers. I am thanking God that I last more than this. Ha Ha Ha, hope you or your boyfriend last longer too. I have a well-written article on how to last longer too and all other kinky stuff.

To grasp the attention the secret is Heading and Meta description of your page. Because that’s what search engines use to show readers when it displays multiple results. Based on this a user opens up multiple tabs to read about his problem and find a solution. Use tools to make attractive headlines for your page and support it with proper meta description about the page to make the user understand your page is more relevant to exactly what he is looking for.

Another things is about the length of the article. Remember how your audience lasts only 8 seconds. So avoid length wherever possible. Only write whats relevance. Not always the length is important, the technique is important too. Don’t post any stupid Train jokes & adult contents to lengthen the article.

4. Utilize Social Media Well.

Use Social Media well as per your audience.

It’s OK if you are an idiot, everyone is but I will judge you if you are not on social media. Remember those 4 log kya kahenge dialogue. People talk a lot, they are like a drunken friend who keeps telling you about everything about his breakup and shit. You are just having a drink to relax but he will keep talking about it. But the good news is this will help you promote your blog.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram etc are most used social media. Every social media is different, have different goals and people working in it. Understand where most of your target audience is, use those to get more acquainted with them. But don’t overuse these. Never trouble your viewer with tons of content, they don’t come online to see your posts and your products. Keep your social media accounts social. Post what interests your audience to keep them engaging with you and use the proper platform to get more subscribers.

Note: Never treat your readers as robots, they have feelings, they have emotions. If you take care of them, they will take care of you as well.

5. Learn from your Competitors.

Learn from Your Competitors & be ahead of them.

There is always an Asian smarter than you. Never think you have the longest gear. Human life is not enough to learn everything, you cant be Orochimaru, neither a wizard. You are a petty muggle, we all are.

So its better to learn from our competition, they may be doing some good things required for the market which are liked by the users. Find out which tools they use, their content, their site. Learning from your competitors will be an add ons to your skills and outstanding you in the market. You will rule once you expertise in the domain but it will take time.

Learn in the process and most important Love what you do else it is all meaningless. There is no meaning to marry someone who you dont love.


Keep your article simple to understand, you don’t have to be Shashi Tharoor or Mark Manson to be loved, just some joints and whiskey to write what people love. Think of what they will enjoy reading and share with their smart-ass fellows. Soon you will have a much-loved community who enjoy your writing and you will be more excited to write for them and in the process I wish you good luck to expertise and be better.

You can always get in touch with me to have a fun weekend. Just bring some booze, I will arrange the rest.

Nitant Singh

The author is a strong Dreamer, Believes in Miracles. A reader yesterday, but an acknowledged Content Writer today, Author is bringing up the change he Believes in. From providing Freelancer services to working with Non-Profit Organizations, the author has envisaged for a Better Tomorrow..

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Nitant Singh

The author is a strong Dreamer, Believes in Miracles. A reader yesterday, but an acknowledged Content Writer today, Author is bringing up the change he Believes in. From providing Freelancer services to working with Non-Profit Organizations, the author has envisaged for a Better Tomorrow..

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