Haruki Murakami is one such writer that never fails to create an impact through his writing. He is a Japanese writer whose books are widely read across the globe and have been translated into 50 languages. Most of his which are bestsellers, with millions of copies sold.

“It feels like somehow our hearts have become intertwined. Like when she feels something, my heart moves in tandem. Like we’re two boats tied together with a rope. Even if you want to cut the rope, there’s no knife sharp enough to do it.” Men without Women is a latest work by Murakami, it was published in 2017, and creates the subtle yet extraordinary prose which binds the reader to the end. The book is divided into seven stories each story is different yet shares the same emotions of separation, acceptance, forgetfulness, love and forgiveness. It’s an experience in itself, like a guide, you didn’t know you needed. The title is captivating enough to draw the reader inside the trapped words by Murakami and to unravel their hidden meanings.

Murakami has embedded each character with complex layer of social geology and it’s upto the reader to find out why. Tale by tale, women seem to acquire a puzzled position and men are left to apologise for themselves, drifting in their own mind and remaining unsatisfied with their own behaviour as anyone else’s. They cannot figure out the moment their lives went wrong, they barely remember their previous condition- and are not well to describe it. Have they learned from their previous experience, well we’re left wondering if that’s true.

The stories are readable, comic, crisp and with a sarcastic undertone. The reader can’t help but adore the brilliancy of Murakami as a prose writer. It surely is a good read, you will want to read to the end.

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