We don’t need textbooks and teachers to teach us the lessons. Nature is enough to teach us all. One of the lessons is taught by the Choluteca Bridge present in Hunduras, Central America. But what can a bridge possibly teach us?

It’s construction

The place is greatly known for fiery hurricanes. So they decided to build a bridge that can withstand the nature’s fury. They appointed a Japanese company to make the strongest bridge possible over it.

The fury

As expected, a big hurricane ‘Mitch’ hit Hunduras. It was really big one and about 7000 people lost their lives. Almost all bridges were damaged, except one! The Choluteka bridge! However still something wrong happened.

Its effect

The river changed its direction, and started flowing little ahead of the bridge. Now Choluteka bridge became a useless bridge. So what can we learn from this?


The world, the nature everything changes around us beyond our imagination. We might be thinking of solving a problem in best possible way and forgetting that the problem itself can change at any time. The spreading virus is also an example of that. What you may think of your future and what is actually going to happen are poles apart.

So basically you can’t actually decide your future. You can’t say that you are going to work in xyz company and get xyz position. Because no one knows what one is destined for. But instead of deciding future, we can decide our intentions. By intentions I mean how you want to make yourself. How are you going to react if difficult situation poses to you. What kind of behaviour you want to have in future.

Have a happy day 🙂

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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