Many users in India and also world wide are reported that they are unable to login and send mails. Google has acknowledged this issue.

It is reported that all Google based apps like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Maps and many other apps are also not working and for some users they are completely showing error.

However after sometime of the this technical glitch, Team has acknowledged it, and trying to solve it.

Earlier many users in India noticed this problem, and reported that they couldn’t able to send mails. Later on, as per DownDetector, a popular known website which monitors all web services, said that it is not just faced in India but also in Japan and Australia and many other countries.

The DownDetector also reported that the outage began in India around 11AM. The website notes that 62 percent of users were unable to send attachments and 27 percent are unable to login, while 10 percent are unable to send or receive mails.

Confirmed by Google

Google has confirmed that Gmail and Google Drive are having issues. It is written on its Dashboard that “we are continuing to investigate this issue. We will provide an update by 20/8/2020, 1:30PM detailing when we are expect to resolve the problem.”

Many users on Twitter tweeted that they are not being able to send the mails.

“#Gmail down for anyone? Unable to send an email. Keep getting a network error. (But the network is fine)”

Another user wrote that “users across the world is unable to access #Gmail since morning and Downdetector confirms the situation. Hopefully, it’ll be back soon.”

However, this is not just first Google down in India. Back in July also, Gmail services are down for several hours.

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