Want to eat something sweet. So let’s try to make Apple Rabdi.

Ingredients :

Milk – 750 ML, A chopped Apple, Cut almond – 50 grams, Cut cashew – 50 grams, Sugar – according to need, Green Cardamom – according to need.

Method :

  1. First peel and grate the Apple and keep aside.
  2. Take a pen and add milk to the pan and let it boil. When the milk remains half then reduce the heat.
  3. When the quantity of milk remains half then add grated apple in it. Mix it well and let it cook for three to five minutes. Now Add sugar and cook for a while. Then add cardamom powder and add chopped almonds and cashews and let it cook for at least 1 minute.
  4. Your Apple rabdi is ready. You can be served in both hot and cold forms.
Apple Rabdi

Hi! I’m Deepshikha Gautam. I’m from Kanpur.

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Deepshikha Gautam

Hi! I'm Deepshikha Gautam. I'm from Kanpur.

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