Once you are little, and they spoon you with all kinds of fiction that seem to create a bubble wrapped world. While the word itself means- something that does not hold truth in ground reality. and If looked closely, you will find the traces of sexism, stereotypes and unrealistic standards in these stories.

Children specially little girls relate to these stories and their characters such as snow white, mermaid, rapunzel all of which represent the fairly beautiful image of a women. The physical traits of a girl play vital role in categorising her into a Princess. She is never to be seen ugly, with dark complexion or even fat. The rule is simple enough- in order to be a princess you ought to be flawless. The stories foreshadow their right to consent, like in sleeping beauty, the prince has to save the princess by kissing her, it’s 2020 already, where Is the consent? And this is just another example when non consensual physical touch is normalised.

Unknowingly so, these stories have been passed on through generations. They are not questioned, and every bit of it is absorbed into our minds in the name of fiction. Further widening the gender gap -fairy tales are meant to be taught to girls, because princesses are fragile creatures and girls should idealise them. The deeply misogynist culture condition women to be an object of display and hinders them to embrace their sensuality.

What if we start reading our daughters or even sons, the inspiring stories of real life women, who through their will power and outspokenness broke down the walls of stereotypes and became their own heroes. The deep seated bias needs to be poked out. As I will quote Alice paul “there will never be a new world order until women are a part of it.”
Once we tell them about the strength they have, our stories will be changed and the road ahead will be easy.