Tea isn’t just a beverage in India – it’s a whole other feeling. Countless people swear by the humble drink to wake them up in the morning. Whether you add spices to your brew, or simply consume it hot and fresh – there’s no denying the charm of a hot cuppa. India’s love for chai is evident from the fact that tea stalls and chai tapris can be found at practically every other corner. In an attempt to make the establishment unique, a tea stall owner has started singing Kishore Da songs while selling tea.

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Located in Kolkata’s Beniatola lane, tea shop owner Paltan Nag has gone viral on social media. Nag said he always wanted to be a singer, however, due to financial constraints he could not follow through his passion and make it a career. He is one of the biggest self-confessed fans of Kishore Kumar, and thus he tries to entertain his customers by singing melodious tunes of his favourite singer. “I have followed Kishore Kumar since I was 10 years old. I practiced his songs on Karaoke. He is my idol,” says Nag.

Customers enjoy being entertained at the Kolkata tea stall run by Paltan Nag. Several Internet users too shared praises for his unique venture of selling. “I am happy that people like my song. Singing is my passion,” said Nag to ANI. Take a look at some reactions:

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Nag wants Kishore Kumar to be bestowed with the Bharat Ratna – India’s highest civilian award. “I celebrated Kishore Da’s birthday on August 4. Kishore Da remains in my heart. He is my God. I also do stage programs. I want the Government to confer Bharat Ratna on Kishore Kumar,” Nag told ANI.

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