Trust me when I say this,

The only thing in this entire universe which can come close to the perfection of a woman’s breasts is Search Engine.

It’ Magic, It’s Magic

You may be denied the first treasure multiple times, but why to worry when you have the latter. Never in your life, it would have happened to you, that you searched something and a totally bizarre results show up. Never. They are never as a disappointment as your fat ass, they perform when they need to. Be it on the bed, sofa, in a running bus or in the public place.

But how do they do it ? For every Blogger or Content Writer its must to understand this as it would not only give you a upper hand from others but also will help you write articles accordingly.

Like I am. I ain’t focusing on random things, I am discussing what my audience needs and to help them with solutions is my job.


People come to Search Engines to find solutions to their problems & to provide them relevant solutions is the only job of search Engines

Consider this internet as a group of zillion villages (site address) well connected with roads (links) and Search Engines are Post Mans who keep address of each villages, knows which villages have which content and how to reach those villages fastest way.

Technically, Search Engines use 3 things to display relevant results to user. Here Relevance is the key, because if the search results are not relevant to what user is looking for, it’s useless to use that search engines.

The 3 Key ingredients are

  • 1 Crawling Bots.
  • 2 Indexing Content.
  • 3 Dynamic Algorithm.

1. Crawling Bots: The Extrovert Enthusiasts.

Web Crawlers or Bots
Extrovert Bot

There are more pages and posts on the internet than stars in the galaxy and every one of this web address gets updated as we speak. To keep a tab on every one of these URLs Search engines use automated bots ( some fascinated over-motivated extrovert code )

These Extrovert fools keep travelling from one page to another, understanding the content, judging the pages and stupid comments, looking at the photos posted, and a hell lot of stuff while linking one page to another with only one job in mind to understand the content of the page.

Technically these are automated bots are called Web Crawlers or Spiders which crawls through all those pages to establish a connection and collect data which further can be indexed in a specific order.

Even if these bots are hardcore extroverts, they still need an invitation to visit your page. There should be a connection between the already established network and your site address.

It’s your responsibility to spread flowers on their way to your site, make your site or page well framed for them to understand better because as more bots crawl your site Search Engines understand your site better and trust you as an authenticated source.

Once Crawlers have crawled your site or page, they give their reports to search Engines which Index all this in proper database.

2. Indexing Content.

A long list of all things

The same difference between True Love & Hook Ups is the difference in Data & Information. Data is Meaningful. It helps you draw a conclusion and look into the future with hope.

Crawlers collect information which needs to be arranged in systematic way to get accessed fast when user search for something and show him the results. This is called Indexing and states it’s purpose.

The webpages are assembled in the Index, based on the Title of your Page, its meta description, the headings used and the content on your page. The name of your image also helps to crawlers to understand your content better.

Indexing of web pages in nothing but a record of all the webpages online which is unique for every Search Engine, but the motive is same.

Popular Search Engines uses the following way to index your pages:

  • Content of the page and its relevance.
  • The freshness of the page.
  • Engagement of the audience on the page.
  • Keywords focused by the author.
  • URLs of the page.

3. Dynamic Algorithm.

Complex Algorithm

Everyone has their own secret recipe for this. A unique algorithm is used by Search Engines to display pages best suited for the user search. Remember the job of Search Engines is to display the most relevant results for each unique search and to ensure this secret tonne of lines of code is used.

When you hit enter after entering your Query in the Search bar, all the relevant pages which are indexed by the Search Engines are put forward ranked by the algorithm into a set of results.

Most of Search Engines are now AI powered and they learn from activities user take, from clicking a link, an add to the demographics of user, engagement of the user with the searched results, which page is more preferred and a hell lot of things.

This helps the Search Engines to provide better results next time to new users and also rate the content preferred higher than less relevant content for the same search query.

Remember every Search Engines uses their own set of algorithm to display the results so its not necessary that every search Engines will show the same set of results for a similar query.

How to use this insight to be more relevant to your audience ?

Work Smart

Now you have a basic idea of how those Search Engines work and I hope you would be using this to write user oriented rather than on your mood swings and urge to be a writer. Because that’s not gonna work.

Keep the following things in Mind while you write for your audience.

  • Relevance is the key.
  • Title, Meta-description, headings in your article
  • Use Google Search tools to know what your audience is looking for.
  • Add proper names to images you add.
  • Share your content on multiple platforms.

These are a few of long list which you should immediately focus on.

Nitant Singh

The author is a strong Dreamer, Believes in Miracles. A reader yesterday, but an acknowledged Content Writer today, Author is bringing up the change he Believes in. From providing Freelancer services to working with Non-Profit Organizations, the author has envisaged for a Better Tomorrow..

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Nitant Singh

The author is a strong Dreamer, Believes in Miracles. A reader yesterday, but an acknowledged Content Writer today, Author is bringing up the change he Believes in. From providing Freelancer services to working with Non-Profit Organizations, the author has envisaged for a Better Tomorrow..

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