The Blackberry phones are set to make a comeback next year. This time it is coming with US based security startup with OnwardMobility.

OnwardMobility says that the new Blackberry which are going to come in the market are the “most secure mobiles ever created”.

This will be the new home of Blackberry after the previous partnership with TCL came to an end this year as it didn’t renewed its contract.Over the past few years TCL have made Blackberry phones with Android operating system.

It is confirmed that the new Blackberry phones will be with 5G speed. Earlier these phones are well known for security of the data and that isn’t changing anytime.


OnwardMobility annouces that it is going to release a new 5G Blackberry phones with a physical keyboard. It could arrive in North America and Europe in mid 2021.

OnwardMobility CEO Peter Franklin says the newest blackberry will be both sleek and secure. The company plans to work closely with Blackberry and FIH limited, a subsidiary with Foxconn Technology Group.

Once upon a time Blackberry was the absolute nuts. It offered access to  e-mails something new to its competitors. It’s always been special years ago. It might be whatsapp now,but years ago Blackberry mobiles had BBM instant message service.

Blackberry is a line of smartphones, tablets, and services originally designed and marked by Canadian company. The company was found in 1985 by Mike Lazardis and Douglas Fregin, and was then known as reasearch in Motion limited. It only officially changed it’s name to Blackberry in 2016.

In 2016 Blackberry announced that it would be no loner making devices on its own, with TCL picking up the licence.

And in 2020 TCL’s licence only to be picked up immediately after by unknown entity, OnwardMobility

In 2021 OnwardMobility team up with FIH Mobile manufacturer to launch first 5G mobile to Blackberry lovers with more security and new features ever than before.

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