Soon we will reach the end of the summer so we have to enjoy the last hot days. Before the new semester we have to refill our energy and maybe a good romantic book can help in it. The first time when I read this book it was on Wattpad. I was very happy to find this book, because usually I don’t like romantic novels. I don’t like books without any story but with sex and I don’t understand why we call them romantic novels. Because okay, sex can be romantic but when a man hit a girl and rape her I don’t think that’s too romantic. So I was very happy when I find this book, because it’s really cute, maybe a little childish, but hey it’s a high school love story.

So what is it about:

Cassie is a young sixteen or seventeen years old high school girl. She has a boyfriend Elijah and a best friend Lauren. One day at the life economic class the teacher separate them into pairs. They will work on a project to learn how a marriage is works and how hard to use money. Cassie really waited for this project because she really love Elijah and she can imagine how Elijah and she will work together on this project.
Unfortunately she got pairs with Dylan, Elijah’s best friend. And Elijah got pairs with Hanna, his ex-girlfriend. Cassie is jealous and worry because Elijah and Hanna dated for years, but she really try to trust in Elijah. Dylan tries to cheer up her and calm her. But one night Elijah cheated on Cassie and they broke up.

In the story we can see how Dylan love Cassie and how Cassie’s heart tear apart two pieces, because she loves Elijah but she started to feel something for Dylan. It’s not a hot sex book, but a really cute love story where the characters need to choose between love and friendship. Where if they choose love it doesn’t mean they choose their happiness.
It’s a really great book if you love romantic novels. You can’t find it on Wattpad, but you can buy it on Amazon or Kindle.
Maybe this is a high school love story but I think this is the perfect choice to the beach. So I would like to say thank you for Amanda Abram, because this story really warm may heart and I hope everybody who read this book will enjoy it.

Wrote it: Kitty Ruska