Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. People can upload photos or videos to our service. And share them with their followers or with a select group of friends.

Instagram is an entirely visual platform. On the other hand Facebook, which relies on both text and pictures. Similarly Twitter, which relies on text alone. Instagram’s sole purpose is to enable users to share images or videos with their audience.


  1. More Businesses & Consumers Are Joining Every Day.
  2. Easy to Target Your Audience.
  3. Use All the Visual Marketing Features on Instagram.
  4. Engage With Customers Where They Spend Their Time.
  5. Build Up User-Generated Content.


Instagram describes Stories as something that lets you “share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile”. The feature enables you to share multiple photos and videos, and they appear together in a “slideshow format”,


Instagram can be a highly-targeted, visual marketing channel for your brand and an opportunity to build a loyal audience that grows with your business.

Instagram may have been made famous by aspirational travel and food photography, but these days, social media has moved to an entirely different level. Businesses of all sizes in every industry have realized that a huge base of potential customers is daily thumbing through their posts at every opportunity – in line, on the bus, at work. It’s mobile marketing that is crucial to growing your business.


1. Set up your brand’s Instagram

  • Include a link
  • Write an effective bio
  • Keep your name and image consistent

2. Post content that attracts followers

  • No hard-selling
  • Vary your product photos with some creativity
  • Keep images high res and visually appealing
  • Include intriguing lifestyle shots
  • Offer exclusive promotions
  • Promote and share events

3. Grow your Instagram audience

  • Research and include relevant hashtags
  • Invite ambassadors to share your brand

4. Encourage engagement to form relationships

  • Write active captions
  • Run contests exclusive to IG followers
  • Respond to, shout out to, and like followers’ posts

5. Measure your growth

  • Use Inconsequential to see what’s working, and repeat
  • Create an optimized posting schedule around busy times
  • Set realistic goals for growth

Finally, one major “don’t”: Don’t buy followers

Sure, you could spend a little cash and pick up a couple thousand followers, but remember: social media is about building relationships.

Relationships built on dishonesty aren’t destined to last and they certainly won’t actually add revenue. Sure, it takes more time to build up a large following the ethical way, but that foundation is rock solid and likely to last. Fake followers might seem impressive, but in the long run they aren’t likely to grow your business.