There are Special arrangements made for the education. There is also monitoring of children of UP board on Doordarshan Lucknow and Swayam Prabha channel.

Every teacher has to tell their principal how many students studied through channels. A total of 692 secondary schools in Kanpur. The sectors divided in 22 parts. Where the principals have to report in it. Although Reports from sectors, will to send to the nodal officers. They will report to the government and council.

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Students who do not have phone or TV, will be educated through correspondence. Joint Director of Education Prem Prakash Maurya told in a press conference that from the government level, there is strictness to study on DD and Swayam Prabha channel.

Swayam Prabha channel is teaching class 9 and 10 students. DD national channel is teaching class 10 and 12. Chapter wise videos have available from all cities. Broadcast is going on according to the time table. JD said that many complaints of Swayam Prabha channel are coming of not appearing. In view of this, its Youtube channel is also available. Teachers and students can study through it. This is study time.

Hi! I’m Deepshikha Gautam. I’m from Kanpur.

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Hi! I'm Deepshikha Gautam. I'm from Kanpur.

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