CNG has become a very common fuel in today’s time. CNG powered cars will be seen everywhere in the country, as they are much more economical than fuel like petrol and diesel. Everyone knows the advantages of CNG, but do you know about its disadvantages. If you do not know its loss, then today we are telling you about its losses.

When it comes to performance, CNG cars are far behind compared to petrol-powered cars. CNG is the latest fuel that pollutes the atmosphere less. When it comes to performance, it is lacking. 34 years old CNG cars indicate the lack of performance time of starting. The engine performance also decreases by 10% by years. At the same time, acceleration is also much less than petrol cars.


CNG requires more space for the cylinders in cars because CNG is a gas and more space is needed for the gas. Due to this, the boot space is reduced due to the rear gas cylinders in the cars. This causes less luggage. CNG is being used as public transport in many states of the country. However, many states are still not ready to shift to CNG. This is also happening due to its availability. In many cities, CNG is not available, due to which consumers do not fill the tank. This is the reason why everyone does not like CNG.

While driving newly purchased CNG cars, it is recommended to first run on petrol. Petrol is an excellent lubricant that keeps the engine and other Motors warm, ensuring performance in the beginning. However, many older cars do not follow the owner’s system. This hinders the system.

Hi! I’m Deepshikha Gautam. I’m from Kanpur.

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Hi! I'm Deepshikha Gautam. I'm from Kanpur.

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