The movie came out in June 2019, was directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga. The central character of the movie was Shahid Kapoor aka Kabir Singh. The movie was a super hit, blinded by the fact that it was filled with scenes of violence, female submissiveness and toxic masculinity.

Talking about violence, the movie had romanticised it in such a way that Kabir was shown to be a mere possessive guy, caring and what not. Being a drug addict and a psychopath were some of the traits that were required, in order to justify his actions. Something to observe is Kabir Singh was a hero no matter how destroyed. And a Hero is a figure which is idealised and looked upon, he was shown to carry the grandeur of his personal destruction as a badge.

Looking at the female lead which was Preeti, aka Kiara Advani one finds how female suppression works to make movie a hit, almost for half of the movie she didn’t have any dialogues. If Kabir came, and decided to sleep in her lap, It was shown as if she wanted it that way without speaking a word. Her narrative revolved around being vulnerable and later being rescued by the knight in shinning armour. Her character was manifested in a fragile manner which made audience especially women to domesticize the setting.

What would have happened if Preeti was to control the narrative and the power dynamics? One thinks of a situation where she was an addict, would the movie still be a hit? I don’t seem to get a positive answer.  Maybe, we are still not ready to see women in a story where they are not rescued by they rescue.