Delhi Metro To Build 1st Integrated Flyover-Cum-Metro Viaduct Structure

The integrated structure will come up on the Delhi Metro Pink Line

Delhi Metro will built the first ever integrated flyover-cum-metro viaduct structure along with a vehicle underpass in association with Public Works Department (PWD), according to a statement shared my metro operator Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). The underpass will come up near Soorghat on the Majlis Park – Maujpur corridor of the Delhi Metro Pink Line corridor in northeast Delhi. 

The PWD flyover and the vehicle underpass are a part of a proposed elevated road along the Yamuna River parallel to the Ring Road between the Wazirabad flyover (Signature Bridge) and Ring Road near DND, according to metro authorities. 

The integrated portals will be erected over which a road flyover and a Metro viaduct will be placed. On one side of the portal, the metro viaduct will be placed, and the PWD flyover for vehicular movement will be built on the other side. The underpass constructed below the portals will cater for the movement of vehicles coming from the Outer Ring Road.

Over these portals, the road flyover and the Metro viaduct will be constructed and run parallel to each other for a length of approximately 450 m, and a total of 21 portals with an average width of 26 metres and a height of 10 meters will be erected.

The width of the Metro viaduct will be 10.5 metres and the road flyover moving adjacent and parallel to it will be a three lane road of approximately 10 metres in width. The proposed PWD flyover will operate adjacent to the existing flyover which is currently operational from Wazirabad to ISBT near Soorghat.

Delhi Metro authorities will construct the portals and the Metro viaduct over it and PWD will erect the superstructure for flyover on the already constructed portals, said DMRC in its statement. The work mandated to be done by Delhi Metro authorities is expected to be completed by 2023. 

The integrated structure is coming up on the Majlis Park – Maujpur corridor at the Soorghat metro station. The 12.098 kilometres long corridor covers eight stations and is completely elevated. The extension of the Pink Line corridor will complete the ring of the Majlis Park-Shiv Vihar corridor and will be the first ever ring metro corridor in the country with a length of around 70 kilometres.  

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