Delhi Police Solves Culpable Homicide Case Within 10 Hours, Arrests 3

mentioned that the accused did not have any previous criminal involvements either.

New Delhi:

Delhi Police solved a case of brutal culpable homicide within 10 hours by arresting three accused on Sunday.

“The Police Station of Palam Village received a PCR call on Sunday regarding a person lying in an unconscious state inside an auto in Sadh Nagar. On reaching the spot, the Inspecting Officer found that a Centralized Ambulance Trauma (CAT) Ambulance and a PCR van were already present,” Ingit Pratap Singh, Deputy Commissioner of Police, South-West District informed.

The CAT staff had declared the person dead. On inspection of the dead body, police found fresh injuries. A case was then registered in the matter and the police took up the probe.

While investigating, the police team noticed blood spots nearby and started following the trail which led them to a house in Sadh Nagar. The team then inspected the house and found that the floor was mopped but still had some blood spots on the floor of the gallery, while all the rooms were locked.

The victim was identified as Nand Kishore, a resident of Gurugram, Haryana.

On working on technical and manual aspects to get a clue about the accused, the police were led to Mohd. Sabir, who was then tracked down and arrested within a couple of hours.

During sustained interrogation, Sabir disclosed that he, along with other persons, namely Ram Sevak Yadav and Chaman Ray, got hold of the victim who came inside their house for theft.

“They caught the deceased and had beaten him before releasing him after 3 hours. Later, the deceased went outside and sat in an auto, where he succumbed to his injuries”, Mr Singh informed.

It was also revealed that the victim, Nand Kishore, was a habitual criminal and was involved in around 15 criminal cases including theft cases, the police said.

Later at the instance of the accused person, the remaining accused persons were also traced and arrested. All the accused persons belong to poor families and earned a livelihood by driving rented battery e-Rickshaws.

Mr Singh also mentioned that the accused did not have any previous criminal involvements either.

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