India is been drowning in rain since a week. And some cities like nation capital Delhi, UP, Bihar, and southern states like Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are effected by floods.

Flood situations in southern states

Telangana’s one of popular city Warangal is on high alert now, as the whole city is remained flooded form many days. There is no transportation among the city as the roads were completely destroyed and broken. And also, some parts of Khammam and Bhadrachalam which are near Godavari coast are reported as flood drone areas.

The same situation also can be seen in Andhra Pradesh, nearly 70 villages which are near Godavari coast are in problem. And people in that villages are sent to near safe places. And state has announced emergency for some districts.

Floods worsen the northern states

Delhi, the capital city is facing many traffic issues due to heavy rains and floods and many vehicles are strucked on roads. The weather department predicted thunderstorms with heavy rain over the state during the next 24 hours.

Uttar Pradesh is also worsening by the same kind of floods, and 14 people have died in flood related incidents. And in many places, buildings were collapsed.

Another cities like Mumbai, Bihar, Kerala, are hit by the floods. And weather department also reported rains and thunderstorms in some states of the nation for coming 24 hours. 

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