Surrounded by a conservative society, which tries to withhold the dignity of a woman in a glass caged box, and once broken, it can never be redeemed we have always believed that Desire and Sexuality is something intimate to men only. A woman’s desire is bound by the man around her. Her body makes up a place, where her femininity needs to be situated. And her hymen serves as an agency for the society to label her into the category of ‘chaste’ or ‘unchaste.’

Have we ever questioned, why does her virginity plays a key role in defining her social construct. One answer that comes to my mind is that, because men are at the top of Hierarchy, truth is manufactured by them. We are conditioned to believe, that until a ‘suitable’ boy is assigned to her, (in terms of husband) she has to keep her desires locked within herself. Desirability, which is natural to humans is not exclusive to women. It is only acceptable, when a man desires a woman and not the other way around. Her desirability must remain private to her, because it is not accepted in the public sphere.

  A Women’s own identity and her identification as a female gets intermingled. Although, there are women who dare to desire openly and are called by the term ‘sex workers.’ They are not the face of women that we want, hence they remain condemned to a brothel and are not allowed the privilege to hold a position in the society. Their representation of sexuality seems dangerous. These women are associated with the term ‘wildness’ which again has Hysteria to it.

However, it is difficult, to shatter the walls around a women’s sexuality all at once, but one thing which can be done is to build a discussion around it and how it limits her as an individual and soon enough the society will struggle to find the worth, they put on the table.