Indians and their love for street food is something which no one can take apart. Ranging from spicy, mild and sweet to fried, grilled and even baked, Indian street food is all about indulgence. No matter what you are having, whether it is gol gappe, tikkis, rolls, or even pasta or chowmein from the local vendors, the taste will always be immaculate and lip-smacking. But with a range of delicious foods, we all have that one thing that we love to have at any time. And one such food item that we love are the steamed hot momos served with some fiery chutney.

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Momos are something that we all can find anywhere in the local market, whether it is steamed or fried – the taste of this dish always melts in our mouths in the first bite. However, over the years, as we experiment with food and try new flavours, we have found a variety of fillings and created masaledar and creamy gravy momos. So, if you also love having this food, then today we bring you a range of gravy momos that are easy to make and delicious to have. Without waiting any further, let’s jump into the recipes of some gravy momos.

Here Are 5 Recipes Of Gravy Recipes | Gravy Momos Recipe

1. Butter Chicken Momos

Who doesn’t love a bowl of creamy butter chicken?! With the goodness of the butter chicken gravy and chicken momos, mix these two to form a combination of some lip-smacking butter chicken momos. Top it with some cream and serve with spicy green chutney.


A bowl of creamy butter chicken

2. Manchurian Momos

Indo-Chinese flavours are something that we all love to have and are easy to make at home. To make the sauce of this dish, first prepare a Manchurian sauce using soy sauce, chilli sauce, vinegar and some water, and if you want to make your work easy, then you can also make the sauce using a ready to make Manchurian sauce packet. Make this dish quickly to impress your family and friends.

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3. Masaledar Momos

Hot momos served with spicy and masaledar gravy will surely give your taste buds a fiery flavour. To make this dish, sautee some onion, garlic and capsicum in a hot pan and then add some blended tomatoes. Cook this and add spices according to your taste. Then plate your momos and pour this masala from the top and enjoy.


Hot momos served with spicy and masaledar

4. Cheesy Cream Gravy Momo

These momos are indeed worth drooling. To make this, prepare the white sauce and add cheese to it. Let it cook for a while, then add some spices and fried momos. Toss this well so that all the flavours combine, and then enjoy with some cold soda.


These momos are indeed worth drooling.

5. Jhol Momos

A classic Nepalese dish – jhol momos, is made in a fragrant broth that gives you a new flavour. Made with a variety of spices and herbs, the spicy and tangy jhol is first prepared and then simmered. Pan-fried momos are added into this jhol and then enjoyed.

Make these yummy gravy momos, and let us know how you liked the taste of it below in the comments.

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