As of now everyone knows Gunjan Saxena as a movie character.

But in real who is this Gunjan Saxena?

Getting into more details;

GUNJAN SAXENA was born in 1975,in Lucknow,in a military background family.She had her graduation from DU’s Hansraj college with B.Sc degree in physics.

After her graduation she decided to serve the nation as her father and brother did.


After graduation she joined the Safardarjung Flying Club at DELHI ,and cleared the SSB exam.And in 1994 ,she joined the IAF along with 25 other women.That was the first batch of women IAF trainee pilots.

Saxena’s first posting was in Udhampur,J&K. And there she had faced many Gender-based problems, like adapting to make shift changing rooms and washrooms.she also talked once about how her coursemates guarded each other and how she had changed her clothing.


In those days where women were not allowed to fly in a war zone,because of physical and mental stress.

But during KARGIL WAR with Pakistan in 1999,where the Indian army is running out of man force. Made them to call women pilots to perform their duties. At that time Gunjan Saxena is along with Lt.Srividya Rajah,flew cheetah helicopter in the combat zone and rescued several soliders.

Under operation VIJAY , she had to undertake medical evacuations , drop supplies and map pakistan’s position in the war zone.Gunjan air dropped crucial equipment to army units at Dras and Baltik sectors .She was one of the Ten pilots and only one women pilot ,based in Srinagar that flew hundreds of sorties during war, evacuating over 900 injured casualities including those killed from Kargil.

She was also first woman to win SHAURYA CHAKRA AWARD . After 7 years of service in Indian military,her tenure as a chopper pilot ended in 2004. And got married to an IAF officer who is also a pilot.


According to reviwers point the movie has rated high and a movie based on a story of a woman like this would be a hard slap for all the misogynistics. And inspiration for many women .

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