I heard a dailogue, in the show, ‘This is Us’ – That “When life gives you lemons you make something resembling lemonade.” The words hold truth because we see the lemons that life throws and not other way around. Often we are trapped in the continuous journey of our thoughts without the destination causing a lot of destruction. Overthinking becomes a ritual for some and the demons inside your head enjoy the feast that has been served.

First thing has comes dealing with over thinking is- Acceptance. Accept that it’s okay to not be okay and figure out your struggles, try to face face them one day at a time. Give your mind a break, heal it. Nothing is more important that your mental well-being. Try and meditate. Talk to people and listen to them and over time you will become your healer. You will be okay. It will take time but you will see the darkness fade into bright light. It’s so easy to forget the strength you have within when life puts it heaviness on your shoulders. It’s so hard to hold onto hope, to believe in better days to trust faith & fate are on your side.

When everything around is spiraling so out of control. it’s so scary that there might be a chance you won’t be okay, powerless. But that’s not the truth. In the depth your heart you know that there is silver positivity. You must remember that hope exists. you must remember that you’re stronger than you think.

At the very core of your being lies strength, persistence and love. Those feelings maybe overpowered by fear, doubt, pain but you’re so capable of going through this time, your way out of this darkness.

In the end this world is full of chaos, be a soft rain to your heart. Summing up I would recommend a movie to watch which is ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.’ The beautiful frames, the friendship and above all a message to live to the fullest, to face your fears and love like there is no tomorrow.

Remember, There is always Hope. 🌻