This type of question arise in everyone’s mind. What if we aren’t able to get the most premium colleges of all? What will be my future if I got admission in a Tier 3 college. And list is quite long……

In earlier times, people were less aware of what an IIT was, people didn’t actually face the pressure of studies, especially the class 12th. They were concerned if they were pass or not. Marks never really bothered them.

But what happened suddenly? Why so much of competition? It is because of stupid race that our generation has started ….a rat race.

Coming back to the topic………When we think of IIT what comes in mind….? Respectful life, jealous friends, 60 LPA package, etc. But the real truth of IIT that no one talks about is HARDWORK………

People studying in IIT have to work as hard as they can, forget about the enjoyment, that TIER2 and TIER3 college students do.

So, is it the college that matters? NO . It is the hardwork that one has to do. So if one is fully determined to work in any place he is present. He will be successfull.

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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Diksha Wali

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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