Media which is described as the ‘fourth pillar’ of Democracy, does not seem to stand “firm” anywhere near as a pillar. According to a report published by Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (MoSPI) India’s GDP (gross domestic product) has declined by 23.9% which is estimated to be the lowest in around 40 years. Owing to the Nationwide lockdown, which was imposed in March, 2020 the growth rate has declined massively. Factors that can be considered are, Poor economic policies, inadequately planned lockdown and unemployment.

The economic package which was announced in May, 2020 was about Rs.20 lakh crore has failed its purpose. The situation is bad enough, but the media has done its job fairly well to hide the reality and shifting it’s viewers attention towards the case of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. they have become the investigators themselves. Something I saw on social media said,
“If Indian Journalism goes any lower, they will hit oil for sure.” Not a single debate, has been aired on most of the channels regarding GDP. It is almost like a mere figure and nothing of public’s concern.

Media has a duty towards citizens and holds a position to question the government in power. Along the GDP, one thing that seems to go downhill is Media’s authenticity. Their slow turn into “entertainment channels” can be taken as an indication towards, deceiving people from the truth. One lands in a situation where media controls the whole scenario and spectators are fooled in the name of news.

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