Kanpur, a city in Uttar Pradesh. The praise of this beautiful city situated on the bank of the Ganga is less. Kanpur is famous for its industrial business, doing strenuous activities in the lap of the Ganga. What to say about the language of Kanpur, one who listen to the language of Kanpur, he becomes a fan of it.

History of Kanpur :

The history of Kanpur dates back to the 13th century. At that time the name of Kanpur was Kanhapur. King Kanha Deo settled Kanpur. Many traces associated with the history of Kanpur are still found during the excavation. Kanpur has been an integral contributor to the independence of 1857 to the independence of 1947. Many great men have taken birth on this land of Kanpur. Remains associated with the Mahabharat period have also been found at Shivrajpur in Kanpur. A gate of Mahabharat time situated by one, but its condition is stable due to the chains of corruption. Msny revolutionaries were born in Kanpur.

Mahabharat Period Door

Kanpuriya Food :

Kanpur food is very tasty. Jalebi and Samosa are the pride of Kanpur. Thaggoo ke Laddoo are known all over the country. If you eat Kanpur’s Panipuri, you will become crazy for it. The Chaat of Nawabganj and P. Road is completely Kanpur crazy. It is easy to get good and cheap food at low prices, which is also good in Quality. Both veg and non veg food are available here. The Parade’s Biryani and Kabab Paratha are eaten with fervor and Maggie point of the Ganga Barrage makes a slpash.

Beautiful Kanpur

Pilgrimages of Kanpur :

The pilgrimage sites of Kanpur have their own significance. The ancient city Bithoor is situated here, while there is a recognition of the Tapeshwari Devi temple in Birhana Road. These temples belong to Ramayan period. There is also a Ram lala Temple, which is the symbol of 1857 times. Here is a famous Barah Devi Temple, which has its unique story. It is believed that Luv Kush was born in Bithoor, Kanpur. The world famous beautiful and charming JK temple is also located in Kanpur.

JK Temple

Industrial estate Kanpur :

Kanpur is famous for its industries. Kanpur is called industrial capital due to industries. Merto work is also going on in Kanpur. Lal Imli of Kanpur, where once there was a business of clothes, today the memories of freedom are refreshed upon seeing it. Kanpur has beautiful malls besides factories. Z square mall of Kanpur definitely roams.Even after so many things, there is no dearth to roam in Kanpur. Kanpur zoo nakes its own identity. The Ganga Barrage is the pride of Kanpur.

Lal Imli

Education system in Kanpur:

Kanpur is the most literate city in Uttar Pradesh. Meaning that the most educated people are in Kanpur. There are technical institutions like I. I. T. and H. B. T. I. in Kanpur, where scientists are spreading their glory all over the world. Students from abroad come to study in University of Kanpur. The Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture has its own power.

IIT Kanpur

Hi! I’m Deepshikha Gautam. I’m from Kanpur.

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Hi! I'm Deepshikha Gautam. I'm from Kanpur.

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