Mustard oil used at the home is not only useful for cooking but is also very useful for our skin and health. This oil can prove to be very effective if you have dryness and dullness on your skin. If the hair is falling or their length is halted, when using mustard oil will also remove this problem. Overall mustard oil is much better. Than the expensive creams, lotions, and shampoos that are available in the market, which claim will fix you every problem.

For Dry skin:

The people whose skin dry should massage their skin with mustard oil before bathing. Do this continuously for about one month and when dryness starts to Come away from your skin, then massage this skin oil twice a week. Mustard oil moisturizes your skin.

Mustard oil acts more like a natural sunscreen then chemical-based sunscreen. By applying it, your skin tan goes away, along with it will glow on the skin and it will remain healthy. Before leaving the house, you just apply a few drops of mustard oil on your skin.

If your skin is scaly and dry, make a paste by mixing a few drops of lemon and half a teaspoon of mustard oil with gram flour and applying it on the face for at least 15 minutes. After drying, wash the face with water. By doing this regularly, the face becomes shiny and removes darkness.

For Hair :

Mustard oil helps to keep your hair black, long, and thick. Before applying it on the hair, lukewarm, and then apply it from top to bottom while massaging the hair roots. Then after 1 hour wash your hair a mild shampoo. Doing this twice a week will reduce problems like dandruff, itching, and hair loss from your hair.

For lips :

If your lips crack too much, do not forget to apply two or three drops of mustard oil on your lips before sleeping at night. After this, cover the lips with lip balm. This will make your lips soft in a day.

Mustard oil

Hi! I’m Deepshikha Gautam. I’m from Kanpur.

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Hi! I'm Deepshikha Gautam. I'm from Kanpur.

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