As much as he entertained us with his cricketing skills on the field, Sachin Tendulkar seems to be a pro in his kitchen as well. If nothing else, he surely can make coffee well for his friends. How do we know? It’s on Instagram. The legendary cricketer showed how good he is at making coffee. “I enjoy making coffee for myself,” Sachin said in the video, quickly added, “And, for friends”. The video shows Sachin Tendulkar, dressed in a yellow T-shirt and jeans, making three cups of coffee. At one point of time in the video, Master Blaster also describes himself as “talented”. And, we can’t agree more. 

From kick-starting the lazy mornings to pulling through the day, coffee is one of the trusted solutions. Coffee is also found to boost mood and heart health. Some studies even say that it can help manage diabetes. 

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Now, coming back to Sachin Tendulkar and his cooking skills. Well, we must tell you that his cooking skills are not limited to making a simple cup of coffee, though he comes across as a reluctant chef. In an earlier post, Sachin showed how easily he could mix cooking and cricket. He once tried his hands at making an omelette. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

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Yet, the interesting part was that Sachin Tendulkar added a dash of his commentating skills in the kitchen. As he started to cook, Sachin said, “Now, the batsman is set.” Then he threw some more cricket terms like “smash” and “wristwork” and flipped the omelette in the pan. He ended that stint in the kitchen by saying, “Now the match is done.”

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