Though 3D printing technology is still in its nascent stages, it has piqued people’s curiosity making them more open to exploring it as a low-cost method to build comfortable and durable homes. Experts say that this technology can even help overcome the pitfalls of conventional construction. But even if you are not sure of living in one, you can now experience it if you are in Procter, British Columbia in Canada. The country’s first-ever 3D printed concrete tiny home, “Fibonacci House”, has been listed on Airbnb. It is also the world’s first 3D-printed home to be listed on the lodging platform.

The house has been designed keeping in mind the famous Fibonacci Sequence. Located in Procter, nestled amid tall trees and lush greenery, the house also has mountains in the background. In one of the pictures, a river could also be seen at a distance. The description on Airbnb reveals that it’s the pristine Kootenay Lake, at a walking distance for anyone availing the house.

Inside the house, on the mezzanine, at least four people can sleep, according to a note on Airbnb. The house has two bedrooms, one bed, and a bathroom. Outside the house, under the porch area, there are dining tables and chairs. Besides having your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can also just sit there, read a book, or just enjoy the scenic beauty. On the property, you also have a kitchen, which looks exquisite in the photographs, on-street parking, and WiFi, which can be used even to work from home should you plan to stay there longer.

Besides, money earned from the bookings of this 3D home will be used by World Housing, a non-profit organisation, to build affordable homes for those in need. According to a report on SingularityHub, a science and technology website, there are plans for a community of five 3D printed houses, called Sakura Place, where preference will be given to single mothers in need of housing.

The house charges $129 (roughly Rs. 9,030) for a night’s stay.

Do you think properties such as this one will become the norm especially for travellers? Let us know what you think about 3D homes in the comments section.

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