While Punjabi music Industry make millions, every year and is spread across the globe, there is other side to its happy- groovy music. The lyrics and videos depicting women place them in categories that revolve around sexism and objectification. Punjabi culture holds its roots in sincerity and respect towards women but these songs show reality through a complete different window.

The songs gather million views and are played at almost every function but  they lack the basics of decency towards other sex. Women are demeaned by potraying them unambitious, needful or a typical wife material.

Jas Manak who is a popular Punjabi singer, launched a song “lehenga” which shows how women want men to buy them clothes and are demanding and dependable. Which is completely misleading. While men on the other hand, wear Gucci, ride in lamberghini and throw themselves in other high end brands because well affcourse, they are hardworking and with a certain degree of masculinity where they are at position to make enough money and show it off.

Women are objectified, which is shown in a song “motto” which means “fatty.” Hard to believe you can make a complete song on someone’s weight, and not anyone’s but a women’s weight.

These songs have come a long way, they are a source of entertainment and enjoyment but by no means they can belittle women and create a subordinate place for them. Artists are supposed to create art, that everyone can enjoy without being subjected to a particular category.


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