This man is definitely the star of the year, because he alone has attracted the attention of the whole attention using his most amazing music producing skills. He is none other than – Yashraj Mukhate from Aurangabad.

He completed his graduation in E n TC branch. He wasn’t interested in engineering, however, it was her mother’s wish, he did so. But his underlying interest of being a music producing never lasted. He continued to produce music and finally a point came, where whole nation recognized his talent.

He is a perfect example of why should one follow his/her dreams. It is sad but quite common fact that most of us don’t even have dreams. And even if one have, those only include having money, getting famous etc. Yashraj never thought of becoming famous. He was just persuing something he was interested in and never thought of the outcome.

So we all must persue our actual dreams, which are pure and not surrounded by greed.

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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Diksha Wali

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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