The beauty of seeing a rose flower, its fragrance is as beautiful. Whether to express love or to make the atmosphere pleasant, there is no answer to the scent of roses. But do you know that the scent of rose flower can prove to be a boon for your sleep and mind as well.

Rose Flower

A recent research on rose has revealed that its fragrance can improve your quality of sleep and increase your learning capacity further. According to a report published in Scientific Reports, this study was done on some students. They were divided into two groups to learn about the benefits of rose scents. One group was paired with rose scents. While the another group was asked to live without roses. The researchers asked participants to place roses or scented incense sticks on their desks while learning English vocabulary. Then these participants were also asked to put rose or rose scented insence sticks on th side table before going to bed at night.

Beautiful rose

Researcher Jürgen Kornmeier of the Germany based University of Freiburg found that when the rose or rose-leaf incense sticks were used for sleep and learning. Students recorded a significant increase in learning ability by about 30%. Researcher also found that the additional use of rose-containing incense sticks boosts memory. Its fragrance works very well in every day life and can be used for wellness.

Hi! I’m Deepshikha Gautam. I’m from Kanpur.

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Deepshikha Gautam

Hi! I'm Deepshikha Gautam. I'm from Kanpur.

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