Every generation has to witness a vast change from previous ones, especially if you are Indian. Because India is counted among the developing countries having largest population of youths. So often it makes me wonder whether we are moving towards healthier living, or we have ruined the system even more?

Our generation is most influenced by the internet and digitalization. We are having a pool of information flowing in our mobile phones and pcs. Information acts as a light in one’s life. One who isn’t well informed leads a life in darkness. The generation before us didn’t have access to information so easily, so they had to struggle a lot. For example, if one was interested in knowing about trending news, he definitely had to buy a newspaper or magazine. But now, just a type and a single click can take us to a whole new world. No generation has ever witnessed such an amazing thing in their lives.

But every situation has two faces. Till now we tried to focus only on the positive side, what about the negativity that this internet has brought into our lives.

  1. JEALOUSY AND HATRED This may not sound true because people think that the internet has brought people closer. But it’s actually reverse. We may tend to peep into others’ lives and know what’s happening, it doesn’t actually tell us about that person. Just looking at someone’s selfies with smiles on their faces doesn’t imply that they are actually happy. What we are able to see is their materialistic possessions and fake poses that they make to get the picture clicked. So, this finally leads to a feeling of hatred and jealousy. Many people nowadays have the ultimate goal to make people jealous. They don’t go out to actually enjoy, but to get good pictures clicked. It may be hard to gulp but I think you may have seen it happening around you most often.

2. ISOLATION The younger generation of today lives a life of complete isolation. Because the internet acts as a whole new world, People tend to ignore the actual world in which they are living. People don’t share strong bonds with their elders or with friends because they find it completely difficult to come out of this comfortable virtual world. A person is considered to be rich not by the money, but by the number of hands that come to wipe his tears when he is sad. Having good relationships with others adds years to one’s life.

3. HEALTH COMPLICATIONS A machine works perfectly when we make it work. If a machine is not allowed to work, it loses its efficiency. In the same way, our body needs enough physical work to keep it healthy. Even to do mental work efficiently, we need to have enough physical work. When we run, our blood circulation regulates. Hence oxygen reaches all over the body, making it active. If there is a lack of oxygen in the brain, it will ultimately lead to laziness, oversleeping habit, and lethargy. Internet keeps us stuck in one place, it doesn’t allow us to move.

Knowing that the internet can harm to such an extent. We definitely cannot stop using it completely, but we can optimize its use. That is, using it only when we need it most.

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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Diksha Wali

I am not a writer, I just like to write my heart out!

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